Vecinxs Unidxs

Founded on January 31, 2017, as a response to the bad housing conditions in the apartments where the Latinx community lived, Vecinxs Unidxs works to resolve the issues that afflict Northfield residents. Some of their work includes:

  • Drivers Licenses 
  • Cultural Center
  • Municipal ID

Vecinxs Unidxs Juntos Podemos (Spanish) This video includes the interviews of Mar Valdecantos and other members of the organization and community who speak about the organization Vecinxs Unidxs and issues the immigrant Latinx community faces in Northfield.  

Mar Valdecantos First One Immigrant Fun Show (English) 

This a photo of members of the Vecinxs Unidxs organization and Young People Action Coalition who worked together to push for the first Municipal ID in the state of Minnesota. 

This is an example of how the first Municipal ID looks like. People can get a Municipal ID at the Northfield Public Library. 

Vecinxs Unidxs meets the second Thursday of every month at 6:00 pm at the church Emmaus located at 712 Linden St N, Northfield, MN 55057. 

For more information about Vecinxs Unidxs please contact Mar Valdecantos at 

Phone: 507 645 9603 
Cell: 507 301 8646