Holistic Health Discrepancies in Northfield

The aim of this mapping project was to discover how health differs across racial groups in Northfield. We decided to create a map that represented a comprehensive, preventative view of health by using Community Analyst software. Community Analyst allowed us to compare three variables that we felt captured a holistic measure of health across racial groups: percent minority population, healthcare expenditures, and frequency of regular exercise. We split the percent minority population variable into census tracts and used this to compare our other two variables across each area. We hypothesized that census tracts with larger percentages of minority populations would exhibit decreased proactive health measures of healthcare expenditures and regular exercise.

To get a more complete picture of our project, we then mapped places where exercise might take place, such as parks and gyms. Because food is another means of proactively maintaining health, we mapped mapped grocery stores to visualize access to healthy food. We wanted to see if such parks, gyms, and grocery stores were concentrated in areas of low minority populations, making access for these populations much more difficult.

Finally, we spoke with Erica Zweifel in the CCCE to discuss our maps and learn her perspectives on health and exercise disparities in Northfield.


Abby Hirshman, Natalie Sainz, Annie Seefeldt, and Eliza Skoler