Education Inequality

America's public schools by and large are a reflection or microcosm of America’s neighborhoods. They can show discrepancies and divisions between communities based on race, income and graduation rates. Education is an integral part of what makes a community and a community’s identity.

Near our community in Southern Minnesota, there are several suburbs whose income levels and rates/quality of education are significantly higher than the state average. At face value, these suburbs seem to be affluent communities with excellent school districts, but if we look a little deeper, we see that there are actually significant inequalities both within and across the districts. By looking at school district boundaries and elementary school districting within each district, we will highlight racial and income disparities, as well as their correlation to the level of education within each community.

Our goals are to highlight some of the educational disparities among lower income and hispanic communities in the Lakeville, Northfield, Randolph, and Farmington elementary school districts, as well as across districts. 


Elyana, Logan, Santos, John, William