A watercolor of the streets of Northfield with the tag Here You Are

This is a website created by the Winter 2019's History of the US/Mexico Border at Carleton College. In this course, we created historical exhibits capturing moments in the creation of a border between the United States and Mexico as well as contemporary maps that highlight the way borders operate in our own home of Northfield, Minnesota.

Feel free to browse our exhibits by selecting Historical Borderlands Maps, Contemporary Group Projects, or any of the options to the left.

Also: Check out our Syllabus as a Timeline and Map

An image of the US Mexico Borderlands with timeline

This page would not be possible without the support of the Mellon Public Works Grant at Carleton College and the expertise of Digital Humanities at Carleton, particularly Austin Mason, Celeste Sharpe, Sarah Calhoun, and Kha Huynh.